About us

Some of our customers

Established in Cheshire in 2006, we are a family business with family values supporting excellent standards of care for the elderly and for people living with dementia. We are proud to work with hundreds of forward-thinking care establishments and major care home groups throughout the UK, as well as property developers and architects specialising in the care industry.

We are the only company which the Department of Health recommends our seating as best practice for Dementia and Older people care.

For care homes:

  • 1,000+ tried and tested products
    Our range of 1,000+ Activity/Lifestyle and Garden Furniture products and services has been developed, tried and tested with constant input from care professionals so that you can buy from us with confidence. We call, visit or work in care homes every day of the week gathering vital insight on the needs of the industry. Effectively, we have an activity, lifestyle or comfort product to support the care of everyone over the age of 60 – and if we don’t have it, we do our very best to find it or make it.
  • Designed with you in mind
    Care home managers regularly call on us for ideas – dementia gardens, sensory rooms, features for walls and corridors, sewing rooms, an office on a desk and even an indoor potting shed, for example. We love to design best practice elderly and dementia-friendly solutions from scratch and deliver the “Wow!” factor for residents and care homes alike.
  • Innovative
    Our R&D is constant – whether sourcing new products, designing elderly and dementia-friendly spaces and the features inside them, or manufacturing from scratch. For example, backed by research, we designed our garden furniture range to be dementia-friendly and twice as easy for the over 50’s to get in and out of safely. As a result, Outwoodcare’s garden furniture is the only fit-for-purpose over 50s and dementia-friendly furniture endorsed by the Department of Health.

For care home groups, housing associations, the NHS, architects and property developers

  • 10 – 25% savings in purchase management
    Large care home groups trust us to manage portfolios that include hundreds of products, ensuring that pricing is competitive and controlled, quality is consistent and that logistics run smoothly. We are also our customers’ ‘eyes and ears’ in the market, constantly looking out for better activity/lifestyle/outdoor care alternatives and new products.
  • Access best practice
    Not only do we search out and deliver best care practice, we share and promote it with all our customers and partners too. We see this as a vital and ethical part of our service offering – to ‘put something back’ into the care industry and the immense pressures and rapid pace of change that it faces. All our customers benefit through our sharing of market-leading designs, projects, new content and new products.
  • Partnership approach
    We’re here to make you look even better! Whether you’re a care professional, care home group, specialist property developer or architect, we’re here to enhance and extend your services as a trusted, long-term partner. From initial design to installation and maintenance, indoors and out, Outwoodcare can work independently, as part of your team and even under your own branding. We care that you get fantastic results for your customers, and that both our businesses benefit and grow as a result of the working relationship we develop.
  • Delivering on your dementia strategy
    Sharing best practice is a two-way street and by sharing your dementia strategy with Outwoodcare, you gain an experienced partner prepared to adapt its products/services range and its business to help you deliver on it. We are proud to support our customers’ successes and especially proud to hear about the positive impacts gained by care home residents and all service users.
  • Exclusive materials
    We have exclusive agreements with household names such as the Co-op and Thomas Cook to use their branding and material from their company archives as reminiscence aids in our Activities/Lifestyle portfolio. Our Co-op Dementia-friendly Shop with replica food cartons, ‘Divi’ book, pre-decimal currency and authentic advertising posters has been particularly successful. We’ve even had care home residents point themselves out in pictures we’ve supplied.

And finally – for all our customers and partners

We’re great listeners!

If you have a thought, the germ of an idea, a problem that needs a solution or a fully specced project plan, no matter how ‘off the wall’ it may seem, please run it by Outwoodcare without charge or obligation. We’ll apply our elderly and dementia-friendly care knowledge, expertise and creativity, and return with appropriate ideas, observations on feasibility and costings. Many of the most successful products in our range have been developed as joint initiatives, so don’t hesitate to put us through our paces.


Outwoodcare is primarily focused on the care industry. HIghty is our brand focused on home owners. It can be found here https://highty.co.uk/