Dementia Dolls


Dementia Doll and Dementia Dolls (often referred to as doll therapy)
‘purpose-built’ Dementia dolls which look and feel more like babies than the baby dolls on toy store shelf
not childish, nor demeaning, but a source of delight and comfort

suitable for both ladies and gentlemen

have been proven to decrease agitation and distress; provide positive results in managing dementia-care

help explore common feelings and emotions in those who have difficulty in expressing themselves

Sue writes:

“Dementia Dolls: I recently experienced the positive effect an dementia doll can have on an individual. Elsie, living within a dementia care facility, had become increasingly afraid of taking a bath or shower. Her daughter had bought a dementia doll, knowing her mother cherished the babies born into the family, so we tried to incorporate the bath-time of baby into Elsie’s daily routine. Washing the ‘baby’, singing lullabies and settling it down for the night relaxed Elsie. Singing those same songs and keeping a calm atmosphere we took Elsie for a warm bubble bath. And we have never looked back! Elsie is still enjoying a bath; her daughter is delighted her mother is now bathing; and the doll? Well it is a bit soggy and worn, but still well-loved.”

All our dolls are made in a soft polyester fleece to feel warm and comfortable. The bottom is firmly weighted which allows the dolls to sit comfortable and feel realistic in someones arms. The eyes and facial structures of outwoodcares dementia dolls are what makes them stand out from other dolls. It is no secret that their popularity is because of their cheerful and lifelike appearance. It takes about 100 different hand movements to make one single doll.


About the dolls

All dolls are CE marked, and have been tested according to safety regulations.

All dolls can be machine washed, all clothes should be hand washed.

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