Garden Chairs for the Disabled

Outdoor seats from outwoodcare

If your parents are getting on in years, you’ve found them balancing on a stack of old plastic chairs or realised getting out of your garden chairs is now harder than it used to be, you’ve come to the right place. 

16 years of designing just what our Parents now need

garden chairs for disabled

Over 30 design features to make it easier

Based on not only scientific research, but 1000s of parents and happy customers.

Replacement Hips or Knees and every mobility issue we’re helped someone with

To many, a higher seat is what's needed but we build all heights and shapes here in Cheshire and deliver right across Europe. So choose your custom height, width or depth to get just what's right

"At last a garden chair I can actually use"

I am extremely impressed by this firm. Being tall, elderly and very arthritic this specific design of the chair enables me to get up and down with minimum effort and not the usual painful struggle. What a joy! The care taken to ensure the chair is the right height for me was exceptional and I thoroughly recommend Outwardcare for both excellent service and quality of product.

"Great product, great service! "

The 2 seater bench is the ideal seat height for my Dad – and with the sturdy arms makes it much easier for him to sit down and get up again. Looks good too! Would highly recommend Outwoodcare.

“This furniture is extremely well made, very strong and stable, which immediately gives confidence if you are challenged as I am.”

You do get what you pay for, an excellent product coupled with excellent service. A refreshing change to deal with a company and individual that see the ability not the disability. You may safely deal with this company with no reservations whatsoever.

We'll look after your mum and dad just like our own. Here's what they need

Get a Higher Seat

Yes we build whatever height you need and can alter any other dimension if needed. Plus we do the same with all our other furniture and tables.

Delivered Assembled

We deliver ourselves so we're used to greeting a slow moving mum with a happy smile. Placing the seat exactly where she wants it. Making sure she's happy with it. Nothing to build. No packaging to get rid off. We've done this so many times, as much as we like meeting you, you don't have to be there if its not possible. We'll close the gate afterwards.

Strong & Sturdy

Confidence is really important and older folk worry about so much. Our seats as strong and sturdy so they can rest their hand on the back without it moving. Then when they get to plonk down into it, it won't skate away, move, feel it's not strong enough or anything that will reduce their confidence.

No Maintenance

You will have enough to do looking after your mum and dad so all our seats are pressure treated (tanalised) so that we can guarantee 10 years rot free. The seats go brown in the sun after a few weeks then over the years fade greyish white. You don't need to cover them or put them in the garage. You can of course paint or stain them if you really want to keep the colour.

After 16 years of supplying our seats to many 1000s of our parents, what we do and what we make has been proven to work time and again.

Just choose the seat height you need.

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