Beauty Essentials disposable headbands, wide (12)

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Disposable, wide fit headbands
Include a simple velcro fastening to ensure adjustable fitting
Great for services such as facials, lash treatments and facial waxing
Protects your client�s hair from product
Enable you to perform treatments with efficiency and ease
Eliminate costly and time consuming laundry
Easy to dispose of
Ideal for services such as facials, lash treatments and facial waxing, the Beauty Essentials disposable headbands will keep your client�s hair off their face to enable you to perform services with ease. Complete with a simple velcro fastening, these comfortable, wide fit headbands are easy to wear and ensure adjustable fitting for each client. As well as improving the efficiency of your treatments, these high-quality headbands will ensure ultimate hygiene and will make sure your client�s hair is free from product. The Beauty Essentials headbands are also easy to dispose of and will eliminate the costly and time consuming task of laundry.

Size: 80mm wide

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