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The Steepletone big button GSM telephone works from a standard Sim card but functions just like a traditional home phone but with no landline contract or need to be plugged into a telephone socket. Perfect for people who just can’t get on with mobile phones but need the convenience they offer, especially good to keep in touch with a loved one in a care home or similar situation.

The phone has a rechargeable Lithium battery so once charged, It needs no direct electrical power, so you can carry the handset from room to room and always keep it by your side, in your garden, shed or the garage, or even take away with you within the UK.

It has the look and feel of a landline phone, with a comfortable traditional handset, large, easy-to-use dialling buttons and 3 pre-settable photo keys for family and friends.

It also sends and receives texts just like a mobile. All you need to do is buy a pay as you go SIM card, insert in the slot on the side of the phone, you will be able to receive calls in the traditional manner (free of charge), if you want the phone to also make calls out just add some credit to the phone and use as and when needed.

Features and Benefits

Mobile – take anywhere around the house thanks to the rechargeable long-life battery.
Traditional – easy to use big buttons, and familiar landline style telephone
Cost effective – no landline line rental, Pay as go Sim.
Easy to use – big button dialler, hands free dialling and speakerphone.
Rechargeable Lithium battery
AC/DC adaptor for recharging battery
Big Button dialler, Hands free dialling and speakerphone, Address book and Caller ID, SMS texting
No landline needed, Works with any contract or ‘Pay As You Go’ 2G SIM card
Dimensions: Approx. 20 D x 18 W x 8 H cm
Colour: White

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