Desktop Connect 4

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This traditional game is something the whole family will enjoy. The simple game play means even younger children can understand the rules. So children will not get bored. In fact, most children can greatly improve their play in a short period of time.
The size of grid measures 25cm x 18cm making it a big enough size to be enjoyed at home. But it folds into a neatly sized 25cm x 4cm box making it to be stored in your hand luggage ready for you when you need some light relief on the plane, train or in your automobile. It will keep you entertained for the best part of your journey.

1. Slide the game board half way across the base, raise upright and then gently push down until it clicks into place.
2. Each player selects a set of colored chips, and then take turns to drop one of their colored chips into the column of their choice.
3. The winner is the first player to line up 4 of his own chips, either vertically, horizontally or diagonally.
4. When the game is finished, lift and tilt the vertical game board to release the chips – ready to start a new game.

Product Name: 4 in a Line Game
Number of Players: 2 or more
Materials: Non-toxic ABS Plastic
Grid Dimension (Open Size): 25*18*19cm / 9.8*7*7.5in
Grid Dimension (Folded Size): 25*18*3.5cm / 9.8*7*1.4in
Disc Diameter: 2.5cm / 1in
Weight: 267g / 0.6lb

Package Includes
1 x Grid with Tray
21 x Red Discs
21 x Yellow Discs

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