CubeConneX 20 Multi link Outdoor and Indoor Speakers

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The CubeConneX have 1 X 10W RMS speaker in each single cube.
CubeConneX works by connecting to any smart device, to play you music. Once connecting the first cube to your device, you can then easily add up to 99 Cubes together to create incredible sound and a beautiful light effect, by the One Touch Link technology. Simply turn each cube you want to add in on and it will instantly automatically connect.

Each cube has a sound-2-light LED flashing technology and when connected, automatically synchronize together to flash and change colour as one.

The Master Cube and your smart device must always stay with-in 10m of each other to get the best reception, however, the other cubes you added into the chain can be 35m range from the master cube. This allows you to take the Cubes outside-inside-upstairs-downstairs or where ever you want to be, giving you a Multi room ability to spread your music around the house- Perfect for any party…

Have peace of mind that you CubeConneX will be safe in the rain when outside as they are water resistant with IP 65 rating. With the Hard-shell plastic your CubeConneX are durable and able to sit on, stand on, or stack up!
The up to 6-hour battery life will ensure you have plenty of play time for any party or BBQ. Just re charge with the lithium battery pack built in.


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