Floor Standing Jukebox

£1,440.00 inc vat

Our Top of the range Large Floor standing Jukebox with touch screen WiFi Tablet, CD and DVD player, Bluetooth and the ability to download Apps


The Touch Rock MW 50 Retro Jukebox with Wi-Fi from Steepletone is aesthetically pleasing, with three circular lights that light up in front. The equipment also features a dimming option as well as strobe and light effect. Now the question is, how does the music quality of this jukebox compare to its aesthetic features, plus what other features does it have? The jukebox plays music from an SD card, USB, FM/AM radio, single loading CD and Bluetooth smartphone connection. But that’s not all, the MW 50 is our first Jukebox to have a WIFI enabled tablet, allowing you to download apps such as Spotify and YouTube to be able to stream music or watch videos all from the Jukebox itself. The Google play store also allows you to download other apps such as Facebook, BBC News or Audible books directly onto the tablet in the Jukebox. 

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Weight 25 kg


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