Pictures To Share Book – Travelling

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When someone has dementia, traditional books can become incomprehensible and meaningless. This book is designed to be accessible and entertaining for anyone with mid to later stage dementia who has an interest in travel.

From Victorian train travel to working on the canals, and from leaving England on a boat to New Zealand to camping in style in a misty woodland in the UK. There are familiar songs, thought provoking sayings and a sense of wonder in the possibilities of the wider world.

All the images are powerful and easy to understand, and prompt lots of memories and discussion between those with Alzheimer’s or other dementia and their family, friends and carers. Even when people with dementia can no longer hold a conversation they will enjoy looking through the book and studying the pages. Arranged in a clear and easy to understand format, the book is recommended for those with dementia by the Reading Well, Books on Prescription scheme in England.

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