Post Box



Designed from wood with plenty of texture so that your residents can take their time and explore the object. The letters are large. The door opens easily with a big knob. Not too big so that you can place it in the corner of a room, a corridor or outside in the garden on a pole.

It?s not the modern design but it?s based on the design common in the 1940?s to 1960?s so that it engages with your resident?s long term memory.

Kit consists of

  • Hand painted wooden Post box making it very tactile (Drips included!)
  • Weatherproof for inside or out
  • Fake keyhole- Door latched with magnetic catch
  • Delivery plate with your Homes name on
  • size 50(H) x 36(w) x 36(d) cm

Suggested activities:

Collecting the mail for an ex-postman and letting grandchildren post letters to Santa at Christmas are two common uses.

But think about what the Post Box might represent in a clients mind. Some Homes have had tremendous success in using it to represent communication. Read here how one Home turned a unhappy resident with challenging behaviour into a happy bright individual.

Additional information

Weight6 kg


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