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Featuring many common items you would find in your local Post Office 30 years or more ago. Residents are thrilled to touch and feel the items that still remain in their long term memory.

Product Description

By making the items resemble actual objects but adapted slightly for Dementia needs, these items really connect in many ways. This pack has over 24 different items in this pack including Ration book, Post Office savings bank book with pay in slips.

Kit consists of

  • Ration Book
  • Post Office savings Book
  • ID card
  • TV Licence
  • Dog Licence
  • Large 10 schilling, £5 & £1 notes for remeniscence sessions
  • String, bag tags, (8) real old coins such as threpny bit
  • and more

Suggested activities:

For Reminiscence sessions, this has been specially designed to enable your staff to engage sooner with your clients even if they don’t know much about the object or time period. Breifing notes are included.

The books have been left partly filled in but with blank spaces. This allows you to customise it for a residents with perhaps their name.

Aprt from reminiscence these items can be used in a familiar ways. Setting them out on a table and going to the Post office rekindles past memories. The booklets and money can be used as interventions when residents feel they either can’t pay for their meals or their rent.

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