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We’ve created this pack of large cards to give you lots of flexibility and ideas for quick and easy activities. The 20 large cards feature carefully chosen pictures of high street shops in the 50s and matched with clear shop names. We’ve printed and Gloss laminated to be hygienic and last longer.

They are so much more than just a reminiscence product (although they can be very usefully used to that purpose – as a group/individuals/families/intergenerational).  You can use the postcards to help build up a ‘map of life’ of individuals with dementia. Using them as visual prompts to gain an insight into the persons past memories.  This information then becomes useful when making an individual activity plan for that person (families, CQC & social workers).

  • We have found many quick and easy activities for these, either one to one or in groups. You may like to try these :
  • picture pairs by matching the signs to the shops
  • picture bingo- you’d need a few packs. Deal say 5 from each pack to each player and use your pack to call the cards out from.
  • Missing card(kims game) is always fun
  • cut and paste into scrapbooks
  • reminisce, snap and many more ideas.


*we suggest a pack of cards per person.

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