Steam Trains Memorabilia Pack

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This Replica Pack is a collection of high quality reproduced paper memorabilia from the golden age of steam trains. The collection of colourful posters, postcards and other replicas is great for invoking memories in the older generation or for bringing history to life for a new audience.  It’s packaged in a clear bag with header card. The steam train memorabilia pack really recreates the steam train experience for Britons in the first half of the Twentieth century, with quality paper and card reproductions.

Steam trains memorabilia pack contents

  • Royal Scot leaflet
  • Glasgow to Oban booklet
  • The Silver Jubilee leaflet
  • Festival Trains leaflet
  • Variety of handbills
  • Dinner menu
  • Poster images
  • Trade cards
  • Post cards
  • Miscellaneous images and ephemera

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