The ManClub Barber Comb Bamboo

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It is every MAN�s dream to be in The MAN Club � now you can flaunt it with the Apothecary 87 wooden Barbers� Comb. Made purposely for all The MAN Club members. BACK TO NATURE The Apothecary87 uniquely designed wooden comb ensures a smooth combing experience, as it glides through the most tangled of hair! Did you know that combing the hair is actually better for the hair than brushing it? This is because the comb only tries to arrange the strands of hair in a specific direction whereas a brush moves the hair strand in more than 1 direction, which in turn can damage your hair. THE MAN CLUB Show everyone you�re a member of The Man Club. Inside every product box is your membership to The Man Club. IT�S NOT THE SIZE THAT COUNTS The Man Club Barber comb is large enough to act as a beard and hair comb, whilst being small enough to fit in your pocket. Perfect for a busy man. Great for untangling both beard and hair

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